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Wastewater Treatment and Disposal

Our state-of-the-art facility is fully permitted to handle wastewater containing metals, oily water and organics. Our solid separation technology allows us to accept and process waste streams with substantial suspended sediment, such as drilling muds, sludge waste, tank bottoms and storm drain sediment.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Decontamination & Disposal

Environmental Logistics cleanup technologies can be applied to a diverse spectrum of facilities including, health care, schools, labs, offices, commercial buildings and residences. Decontamination and remediation services support Cities, Counties, as well as State and Federal Agencies respond to the Coronavirus pandemic.

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Ever evolving state and federal requirements for recycling are meant to keep waste resources from filling up municipal landfills. Let Environmental Logistics take the confusion out of the regulations around the recycling process. We'll handle all your E-Waste, Universal Waste, paint, batteries, light bulbs, tires and old mercury-containing devices efficiently and systematically, for hassle free compliance.

On-Site Services

Environmental Logistics provides a wide range of waste management services to allow your firm to concentrate on your core business. From spill cleanup and emergency response to tank and pipeline cleaning, storm water systems maintenance, chemical transfers and waste removal, Environmental Logistics is your one stop resource for clean operations.


Environmental Logistics offers remediation strategies for the removal of pollution or contaminants from soil, groundwater, or surface water. We have removed hundreds of underground and aboveground storage tanks, remediated thousands of contaminated sites, and cleaned countless industrial facilities, tanks and pipelines to maintain safe and efficient operations. We offer services to access the tightest of confined spaces to the largest of open water spills. We tackle every job with a mindset that a quick, safe, and complete cleanup is the best option for everyone.


At Environmental Logistics, our greatest strengths have always been our people and the equipment they use to get their jobs done. We operate a wide variety of transportation and service vehicles including bins and roll-off trucks, vacuum tankers, end dumps, vactors and van body trucks. We can handle your transportation needs efficiently and effectively throughout the entire western United States.


Whether it's handling waste water or contaminated soils and solids, Environmental Logistics can formulate a solution that can meet your requirements. Our fully mobile and permitted "Transportable Treatment Unit" allows for onsite treatment to include RCRA, California Hazardous and Non-Hazardous soils using soil screening, solidification, stabilization, bioremediation, neutralization, and fixation techniques. Our wastewater treatment systems allow for phase separation, partial hydrocarbon recovery, solids removal, neutralization, and clarification of non-hazardous waste streams.

Training and Compliance

Environmental Logistics training professionals have decades of experience in the management of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes. We offer assistance in preparing OSHA compliant health and safety plans, job safety analysis sheets, facility health and safety programs, field safety audits, toxic release inventories, waste minimization plans and fee returns. We can establish recordkeeping and storage programs and assist generators with their in-house training programs and meetings.